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Kohls 10x Savings

I love being able to double dip on savings.  Kohls is one of my favorite places because they sell a variety of things and are not afraid of coupons or other discounts.  I used a Visa prepaid gift card that I bought using a cashback credit card.  When I bought this card I made $8.50 in cashback and gas per $100 spent.

I then went to the Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall and clicked on Kohls 10x.  I then proceeded to buy a $100 Kohls gift card earning 10 points per dollar.  This simple transaction earned me 1,000 points which I can use as a statement credit worth $10 or get between $16 and $20 worth of free travel!

Obviously once I get the Kohls card in the mail I will use it through the Ultimate Rewards Mall and earn another 1,000 points.


3 Responses to Kohls 10x Savings

  1. nick says:

    hi, doesnt the chase terms say you cant buy gift cards to qualify for the cashback?
    did you still get the points anyway?

    • Vincent says:

      Basically, I look at those disclaimers as a YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary). If you purchase and e-gift card they do not reward, but they do reward on physical gift cards. So for my $100 gift card I received 1,000 points. I will then get 1,000 more points when I use the gift card for purchases in the store.

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