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Living Off the Grid


Saving You Money through Simple Methods


Living Off the Grid

Earlier this year my wife and I came to the realization that the 1,200 square foot dwelling that we have called home for the past 5 years was getting smaller.  She kept on me, asking if I was ready to move and sell our house, nearly every day.  Then the perfect opportunity presented itself to us.  We would sell our 2008 model brick home and move into a 1913 model, converted school house.  Obviously this was a no brainer for us and we lept in with both feet.

I will address the move, selling the home, fixing up the home etc in some detail in the near future, but this entry is not about all that.  For the past month living in this house we have had no cable, internet, or even decent cell phone data speeds.  This includes losing a beloved Samsung plasma TV and Samsung Galaxy S2 in separate mishaps.  All of these absent modern amenities are in addition to getting our water from a well.  These changes are drastic enough without making mention the washer and dryer sitting lonely in the kids’ room waiting for proper wiring in order to fulfill their life purpose.

My wife has been into the “crunchy” lifestyle for a while now, but unlike many of these posers she actually embraced the lifestyle.  No city water? Check.  Clothesline?  Check.  Free Range Chickens?  Check.  Cloth Diapers?  Check.  Really, when you break it down that way it just seems like all these other girls use “being crunchy” as an excuse to grow out their armpit hair, the one lifestyle modification my wife did not adopt.

It is truly amazing the extent to which we, as a society, have grown so dependent on the internet.  With my internet absent and my main computer on the fritz, I constantly felt like I was forgetting some payment.  I was also unable to commit any time to crapping out any new blog content.

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