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Where Would I be without my TV and Computer and Cell Phone?

I often wonder where would I be without my TV, Computer and Cell Phone?  Although I am less dependent on my TV, the other two items I have become dependent upon.  Much of my usage can be done without dependence on the internet. The past few months have been disastrous for technological devices in my household.  The first casualty was our 5 year old 50 inch plasma television.  It had performed valiantly since 2008, but I guess it was overcome with grief from moving to a new home because it did not survive the move.  So we are down one television, but we just moved our bedroom television to the living room so not a big deal.  Our family trip to Florida was especially detrimental to our technological health as a cell phone and a laptop quit working.  My Samsung Galaxy S2 drowned in a 1 centimeter pool of drippings from my bathing suit.  The computer had been on its last legs for the past 6 months and the hard drive failed.  Luckily I had a separate boot drive and kept all of my data on another drive that remains unscathed at press time.

The point of all this is to make an obvious point on how dependent we have become on our technology.  All together I do not think that this is necessarily a bad thing either.  I use my computer to become more organized.  I keep track of finances, photos, videos and many personal documents on my computer.  My filing cabinet is utilized much less than would have been necessary years ago.  I would also like to underline the importance of having a backup drive for important things.  The main thing I have learned in the past few years of computer dependency is that even the best hard drives can (and will) fail.  The last hard drive failure that I had endured I actually lost my computer hard drive AND my external backup drive.  I had another copy of most of my important files and pictures, but I did lose a few things permanently.  I try to email documents to myself so they are stored by Google.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as it relates to retrieving lost data.  Just email yourself an attachment with the subject to identify everything.  After I complete my taxes I will email myself a copy of the PDF with the subject “Federal Tax Return 2012” then if I need my tax returns I can easily search my email with no problem.

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